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WP7: Education and training


Heavy liquid metal (HLM) cooled systems, such as MYRRHA, ALFRED and ELECTRA have several advantageous safety features, such as potential for decay heat removal by natural convection, benign coolant-water interaction and fission product retention. Among the drawbacks are coolant activation, the need for a strict coolant chemistry control and in the case of pure lead, the potential for coolant freezing. One objective of this work package is to train young scientists and students. The goal is to give them functional skills and insights pertaining to safe operation of HLM cooled reactors. For this purpose, a virtual simulator environment will be developed, in which students can train management of incidents and accidents in HLM cooled systems. Prior to the simulator training the students will participate in seminars where lectures on the safety of heavy liquid metal systems will form the basis for student projects on the topic. The work package will also be responsible for dissemination of knowledge obtained in the project. Activities to be carried out in this context include organisation of two workshops and preparation of materials for public part of the project web site. ENEN will be kept informed of the training courses organised by the project.