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WP6: Enhanced Safety by Design for HLM reactors


The Work Package 6 has two major objectives.

Firstly it is dedicated to the development of enhanced innovative (passive) safety systems to be used for HLM systems in light of the lesson learned from Fukushima. Starting from a critical review of the safety systems conceptual design developed in the past, the main advantages and drawbacks will be highlighted and a number of desirable features identified. Focus will be given to passive systems for decay heat removal and ultimate mitigation measures as a result of the return of experience from the Fukushima-incident. On the basis of the review, suitable passive safety systems will be proposed and discussed among the partners to reach first a conceptual design of the systems and proceed to a more detailed and verified design to be tested for the different main references of the EU LFR roadmap, i.e. the MYRRHA and ALFRED.

The second objective is driven by the return of experience of the Fukushima-accident. Because of the importance of the last barrier, the containment, WP6 will therefore also include a detailed evaluation of source terms for MYRRHA as well as a containment analysis using the most advanced tools available, for the reference transients that will be identified.