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WP4: Steam generator and cooling safety

Objectives T4.1:

  • Large Scale Experiment in a Heavy Liquid Metal Pool aiming to characterize the Steam Generator Tube Rupture (SGTR) event in a configuration relevant for MYRRHA.
  • Tube rupture propagation into the HX-tube bundle.
  • Pressure waves propagation into the HX-tube bundle and damping effect of the HX-shell towards the surrounding structures.
  • Assessment and performance evaluation of the safety-guard devices aiming to mitigate the effects of the SGTR event.
  • Steam trapping into the main flow path and dragging towards the core inlet region.
  • Investigation on the solid impurities formation after the SGTR event, accompanied by a quantitative qualification of filtering performance in the pool.

Objectives T4.2:

  • Steam bubbles size and release rate by typical cracks
  • V&V for coarse mesh code (SIMMER)

Objectives T4.3:

  • The main objective of the task is to provide experimental data on drag coefficient of gas bubbles travelling through liquid LBE.