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WP2: Safety analyses in support of MYRRHA


One of the outcomes of the FP7 project “Central Design Team” – CDT is an updated design of the MYRRHA
facility, both in sub-critical and critical modes. The aim of this work package is not only to re-analyse the transients identified in the CDT project for this updated design but to provide state-of-the-art safety analyses that can serve as input to the Belgian Safety Authorities for licensing the facility. It is clear that these analyses must be based on the most recent and relevant design of MYRRHA, which will be an evolution of the CDT FASTEF design. Moreover based on the output elaborated in MAXSIMA a first list of requirements for an operator training simulator can be deduced. The latter will be developed in the WP on education and training.
A major goal for this Work Package is to implement two new aspects: the coupling with a full 3D neutronic model of the core in the thermal-hydraulic system code RELAP5-3D , 2) a sensitivity analysis of assumptions on initial values, boundary conditions, etc, on the final outcome of the transient analysis. This will allow us to attribute uncertainties on the results of the transient studies. This work package will also study two identified severe accident scenarios: a reactivity insertion accident, for example a control rod ejection, and the fuel assembly blockage accident. These analyses will be done with the severe accident code SIMMER-III. In order to perform the above two tasks, input will be needed from neutronic analysis to either provide data to some thermal-hydraulic system codes or to verify the neutronic model in other ones . A second aspect related to safety will also be performed in this task: the required shielding studies.